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Companies seeking the placement of permanent professionals often find that staffing agencies paper push rather than qualify candidates. At Professional Staffing Ventures we pride ourselves in the ability to source the candidates our clients are seeking based specifically on the clients expressed criteria and position requirements at a fraction of the cost. These services are offered to our clients on a contingency or retained basis. Please note due to the size and scope of PSV only a few requisitions are actively worked on at a given time, we feel this provides personalized quality services to our clients existing real time needs.

Our Key Benefits To You

  • Save time and money
  • Quality Professionals
  • Flexibility


We are experts in interviewing and qualifying candidates. We'll save you time and money in recruitment costs and help you avoid poor hiring decisions. Our staff is available and will follow up with you on a regular basis to ensure you are satisfied and your expectations are met.

We'll find the talent you're looking for and present you with options quickly. When you call us with questions, issues or needs, we'll respond promptly.

We value our clients’ time and resources. Frankly, minimal candidates are submitted to our clients due to our stringent screening processes that are pre-determined by client requirements, desired skills, and background. Our key is to target the exact criteria for each specific position tailored for each unique company, market arena, and area of focus. Due to these processes PSV only submits candidates that we are confident will be interviewed by the client.

Save time and money
By using a staffing agency, you save time and money by avoiding the minute details involved in hiring, firing, and training personnel. We are constantly recruiting, screening, and training personnel to stay in business so we are ready to meet your need when you need it. PSV works hard for you so you don't have to.
Quality candidates
We recruit, interview, test, and provide only qualified candidates for you to choose from. We can also obtain background checks and check references so you do not have to.
Our staffing service is the ideal way to fill a position immediately without placing ads, going through numerous telephone calls, sifting through piles of resumes, unwanted interruptions to your business, time-consuming resume review, and excessive interviews.

Your satisfaction is our goal

PSV commitment to client satisfaction is unmatched. From our personal touch and business ethics to candidate quality and service guarantees, we strive to meet and exceed expectations to ensure your satisfaction.

When it comes to hiring your workforce, PSV is your partner to help you improve productivity, profitability, and service. Depend on us to provide the most flexible, cost-effective staffing solutions and place the most qualified employees for your company. We are the building blocks to successful staffing. We will find the best people for your needs to deliver the best for you.

EMPLOYER OF RECORD™ - Rate Calculator for contract employees

Employers seeking contract professionals now have the perks and benefits of staffing direct hire employees. The Employer of Record(tm) service is specifically designed for contract professionals. We provide all of the back-office tasks associated with W-2 contract workers. We will handle all the taxes, insurance, benefits, contracts, workers compensation, payroll funding, and processing. Select the tour for a one-minute overview of this comprehensive service

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